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Ramblers in Tri-Cities - So many people don't want to bother with stairs or split levels; why not find a great one story rambler or ranch home?


April Events and Activities - Check out this month's great events and activities from wine tasting to art and boat shows. This is a great month to kick off the beginning of summer!


Vital Steps for First Time Buyers - Are you sure you are all set up and ready to buy for the very first time? Here are some steps to the home buying process and the best way to prepare to buy a home.


Financing your Tri-City Real Estate - There are many types of loans and home mortgages out there. How do you know which is the best option for you? Check out our tips and information on finding the best financing for your Tri City Real Estate.


Does it make a difference to use a local Tri-Cities real estate Local Tri-Cities real estate agentagent? Going local has many meanings. Shopping local, buying local ingredients and even local real estate agents. But why would you not use a local agent? Many times, first time home buyers or even those that have bought before use a friend or a relative that may not be in the area but they feel they want to help them out by giving them the job.