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Does it make a difference to use a local Tri-Cities real estate agent?


Going local has many meanings. Shopping local, buying local ingredients and even local real estate agents.Local Tri-Cities real estate agent But why would you not use a local agent? Many times, first time home buyers or even those that have bought before use a friend or a relative that may not be in the area but they feel they want to help them out by giving them the job. The unfortunate thing about that is that they are using an agent or broker unfamiliar with the local market. This can end up costing the buyer much more in closing costs and purchase price.

Using a local Tri-Cities real estate agent means you have a local expert on hand to tell you how much you should be paying for a home. Only a local agent will know the Tri-Cities market enough to be able to give you sound advice on a purchase. Out of town or county agents may not know the current market and because the market can change from city to city, you may end up paying more for a home than you need to.

Local agents devote their time into knowing and understanding the market trends, what sellers are looking for and what has actually sold. We take the time to research the best price for the area, the community and the neighborhood. Knowing each individual neighborhood in the Tri-Cities real estate market allows me to give you quality advice on the best price to offer. Sellers in certain markets may be doing better than others and knowing this can lead to an advantage over other buyers. If homes are selling well in a certain neighborhood, buyers are urged not to drop the price too much for fear of loosing the property. Without knowing this, your dream home could slip through your fingers.

Remember, this is a very large purchase. You need to be well informed on the market you are buying into. Without a knowledgeable agent to help guide you though the process you can end up wasting a lot of time and spending a lot more than you need to.

Contact me anytime below for more tips on how I can save you money as your Tri-Cities buyers agent. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

And always remember...there is never a charge to use an agent!!!!!!


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