Ramblers in Tri-Cities

Finding and Purchasing Ramblers in the Tri-Cities Area

A single story house, commonly referred to as a “rambler” simply means a house with no second floor.ramblers one story homes in Tri-Cities

The rambler gained immense popularity during the building boom that followed World War II.  The floor plan was easy to build and loans were readily available at an affordable rate.  Consequently, single story tract homes exploded in popularity and became the predominant choice for single family home buyers.  Young couples particularly liked the rambler style because it was affordable and easy to add onto, if necessary, without concern about the structural integrity of the home.

As styles and characteristics evolved during subsequent decades, builders found that they could save money by going up.  Thus, more two-story homes began to populate the landscape.  However; the public desire for single story ranch homes never waned.  Materials and floor plans have become much more sophisticated today but the single story home, more often known today as a “ranch” still provides the same advantages today that it did post-war. Because the footprint is generally larger in a single story home, the room sizes tend to be larger.  Builders also tend to employ fewer walls which provide a very open and airy feeling throughout.  Many times, you will find large windows used in a single story floor plan in an effort to bring the outside in.

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In most ranch or rambler style homes, the roofline is much closer to the ground which minimizes energy costs and makes it much easier for the homeowner to effect maintenance and repairs.  Since the entire roof can be insulated and all the air kept on one a single floor, the cost to heat and cool the home tends to be significantly less.   Empty nesters, retiring baby boomers, and those with physical disabilities or mobility limitations are particularly attracted to a rambler because there are no stairs to deal with.  If needed, a rambler also provides easier wheelchair access.  Many of us care for aging parents and a home with no stairs is extremely important.  Likewise, day care providers and parents with small children may feel more comfortable in an environment that has no stairs. 

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