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If you've been waiting for that perfect time to buy a home, let me be honest with you.... there will never be a more perfect time than now. But I said that last week too! And I will say it next week. The point is, if you're ready there is really no better time to buy a home than right now. But remember, I said, READY. Are you truly ready? Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you are really ready to buy a house.

1. How is your credit?

If you're not sure, you may not be ready. But then again, it might be as simple as getting a report from one of the three major sources which you can ask for free once every year according to the government. This will help you clear up any discrepancies and make sure you are on the right credit path that lenders will see.

2. Do you have cash or a reserve fund?

If you spend every penny you make and don't save anything, you may not be ready for the responsibilities of a Tri City home. Lender will expect you to pay on time every month. They will take away your home if you don't pay unlike credit card companies that just hassle you to death. This is a serious chunk of change you will be borrowing and they need to know you are responsible with your money now.

3. Do you have a short term or long term plan?

If you plan on staying in the house just a few months and selling again this may not be for you. Home ownership is a wonderful undertaking but you should be prepared to stay in the home at least two years before renting it out or selling. The return on trying to sell so shortly after purchasing will not typically give you a profit and lenders won't appreciate the transaction.

buying Tri City homes, Tri City real estate4. Are you prepared for the added responsibility?

Owning a home is more than simply cleaning it up. You must maintain the structure and everything inside the home. If you don't feel you can keep up the yard, major appliances or general maintenance, home ownership may not be for you just yet.

5. Do you know what and why you want to buy?

Is there a reason you want to buy? Furthering your investments, expanding your family, settling down, gaining equity are all great reasons for buying a Tri City home. If you just want a home because you think it will be "fun"... think again. You must be prepared for all the details that accompany buying a home.

If you feel you are ready, I would love to talk to you about buying a Tri City home. As a Tri City real estate agent it's not only my job but my passion to match buyers with their perfect home. Call me anytime or email me at 509-430-8373 or

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