Tri-City Sellers

Need to Sell your Tri City Real Estate?

I use the word "need" because that is exactly what you should be saying if you're going to sell in this buyers market. This is not the type of market to "just see what it does" or "test the market waters". The market is already too saturated with homes of people that really DO need to sell. Many times these sellers that have those thoughts price their homes too high and chase the market down until they get an offer than refuse to take such a "low-ball" offer. Instead, I want to offer my sellers some real incentives.

Do you want to sell fast?

Then we are going to list it and price it right the first time.

There are several variables in the Tri City real estate market and if you're going to tackle your competition you have to be aware of the factors you can control and those you can't.

You CAN control the price. You CAN'T control the market.

While you can't judge the market or the buyers you can control the price at which you set your home. The decision is ultimately yours to make. As your Tri City Realtor is it my job to make sure you are given all the facts and comparables to make an informed decision. I will research and determine what price I feel the market can withstand but the choice is ultimately yours.

You CAN control the condition. You CAN'T control the competition.

The condition of your home lies solely in your hands. Only you have the power to stage, set up, repair, fix, upgrade or update your home to meet the standard or above of the other homes on the market. What you can't control is how that competition will list and market their home. While we do everything to make sure your home is the first choice for any buyer due to price and condition, we don't know that tomorrow a better home for a lower price won't pop on the market. We simply have to work with what we can control.

We CAN control the marketing and the terms.

While there are some factors we cannot control, terms and marketing is something we can. As your Tri City real estate agent I will strive to market, list and advertise your home from the local MLS to potential buyers across the country. You have the ultimate control over terms. If you are too strict, you may have a tendency to put off buyers. Be flexible and they in turn are more likely to give you what you want.

If you feel you are ready, I would love to talk to you about selling your Tri City real estate. As a Tri City real estate agent it's not only my job but my passion to help local home owners market and sell their property fast.
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